When my club friends asked me that “Gaddha chal raha hai kya ?”, I was amazed with the word “Gaddha”. I was keen to know where the H**L this Gaddha is. 😛 According to the name,  it must be the biggest hole somewhere in India. 🙂

Wohoo .. It is in Lonar, a small town just 25kms from Mehkar which is my home town. 🙂 Ohh.. so guys were talking about this big crater which I have seen many times in my childhood.

But it must be a fun to visit this place with bullet gangs coming from Maharashtra and other states of the country. I was very excited for Gaddha Mania 2012 as I could not attend RM2012 because of some personal issues.

In early February, people created group on facebook called “Gaddha Mania : The Lonar MetoRide” which was very helpful to know about GM2012.

The facts shared by Anu paji were very basics of Gaddha Mania. The objective, mission and vision of GM. 🙂   ( I shared these facts in this blog as well, check left hand side of blog)

Bikers from MBA (Mocha Bike Association) were very enthusiastic towards this GM and they created nice posters/flyer of GM.

After enjoying HOLI, the day came .. The weekend next to HOLI.. The Ride Day… Though we could not  start on decided date of GM, we started next day early morning. Our (Wanderlust) first batch (Anu, Priyanjali, Prashen, Indrakaal, Sutta and Naga) reached at Lonar safely on the first day.

Next morning, Inder, Anup, Harsh, Girish and me, gathered at Law college square, a place on Amravati Road and started for GM Ride at around 7.30am. I was very energized and excited for my first ever Gaddha Mania.

Due to some issues in my machine, I borrowed a well custom machine, Thunderbird from my dear friend “Ashish Kherdekar”. And you can see in this blog that his beast is shining all over. 😛

As we started a bit early morning, the road was traffic free. So we tried to cover as much distance as we could.

But we experienced our first breakdown after 55-60kms when Inder’s machine was not responding properly. 😦 So we took a pause and looked into that matter before it become a serious affair for us. Since Inder knows about in & outs of Bullet, he quickly solved the problem and we moved on. Amravati road was truly awesome. We maintained almost 100-120 km/hr speed. (I hope my mom & dad are not reading this blog) 😛

We were very hungry, so had “Garam garam paratha” at Maratha Sauji restaurant accompanied with “Ganne ka juice”. Yeah, it was start of march so weather was a bit hot.. So sugarcane juice was real refreshing treat. Fir thodi jaan mai jaan aai .. After taking straight road from Amravati bypass, we joined Karanja road. Took another pause in Kamargao and then proceeded to straight LONAR.

Since we maintained the speed, without taking break for lunch we headed to Lonar and reached by 1.30pm.

In MTDC resort, we took a grand entry. 5 bikers roaring, horning and thumping in Wanderlust style. 😉

Bikers from our own club (Wanderlust Orange City) as well as from other clubs like Inddie thumpers, Bisons, MBA and Cruising Godz who were already present in resort, greeted us. I had seen known faces after 1 year i.e. RM 2011, though they were always connected through facebook. 😛

Wow.. what a view .. Lonar crater lake was looking awesome from resort. I was feeling proud that such a historical and scientifically strong place is near to my home town and GM made it more special. I could not stop myself in taking few snapshots.

Pet mai chuhe khud khud ke thak gaye honge.. but luckily food was ready and we got chance to charged up quickly. Good combination of Marathi tadka and Panjabi food.  😉

~~~~Few guys were busy in bringing “required stock” from town as this resort was 2-3 kms away from town. 😛  Prashen joined with Vivek (Naga)to us. Previous night, Naga’s machine  failed 40kms before Lonar when he was riding alone from Hyderabad. The breakdown was so severe that he had to courier his machine back to Nagpur.

#####In evening hours, we went back to town and refreshed ourselves in small lodge. Me and Prashen visited a place next to Lonar lake. There was a small “Kund” and continues water supply from “Gomukh (Cow mouth)”. Many scientist did a research of this place but they could not figure out that where is the source of water. Strange but true! After taking some snaps, we went closer to lake and enjoyed peaceful sunset. Bikers from Bison’s club were also with us at the time of sunset.

~~~~Now it was PARTY TIME. Everyone was getting ready for party at resort. Sachin & Rajesh (his friend) joined us in late evening. They started in noon time from Nagpur.

At venue, people were dancing, boozing and enjoying every moment of this Gaddha mania night. It was totally an informal event but truthfully enjoyable.

All moderators of different clubs were charged up for new comers ragging. 😛 Ragging !! not ragging actually but the moderators wanted to know why new riders were coming to GM and what are they doing and interested in, as far as riding bullet is concern. It was really fun. Anu and Kaka (from Inddie thumpers) initiated this program. I made many friends in this gathering. A true gathering for brotherhood. Till late night we were enjoying at resort. But we have to ride next day so we headed back to lodge and took rest.

In next morning, no-one was in hurry. We got ready and again headed to Lonar lake. After taking few photos, we had heavy breakfast at resort. Pohe and Bread omelet followed with Lassi. 🙂

We started our return journey at around 2pm. We maintained proper pace and reached Malegao. Prashen’s bullet got punctured in between so we took a pause and got it repaired. In early evening, we reached Karanja, where we had lunch in pure veg restaurant. Everyone was discussing about the funny and entertaining moments of GM.

******Late evening we reached Kamargao where we had a sip of tea. It was very refreshing for our night ride. 😛 We touched Amravati road and had a quick pause at Mozri.
By 8pm we were on the border of Nagpur. I was feeling very happy on completing ride successfully.

####We signed map of Gaddha mania which gave a sense of accomplishment of RIDE and an event GADDHA MANIA 2012.
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